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Thermostat for ornamental fish.

Chiller and heater in one.

It can be controlled with a precision of 0.1℃.

Cooler and heater in one. (high power custom thermoelectric element.)

Internet of Things. (IoT)

Easy installation & excellent scalability. (Hang it on the aquarium.)

It can be operated without any additional part. (pump and hose, etc...)

Direct heat exchange technology. (The heat pump is underwater.)

Non-corrosive exposed heat exchanger. (Can be used in saltwater and freshwater.)

High durability and low noise BLDC motor. (3-level performance control function.)

Water temperature sensor calibration function. (Sensor with 0.5% precision.)

Maintenance costs are economical. (Power consumption is 70W.)

Aquarium Temperature
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You've never seen before.

Smart IoT Thermostat
(Automatic hot/cold supply)

IoT Constant Temperature Device

When installing the product in a 120ℓ fish tank.

It can maintain water temperature 4℃ lower and 7℃ higher than non-installation.

Different results may be seen due to the surrounding environment and heating elements such as lighting / external filter / sump / water pump / flow motor / skimmer, and additional installation of the product may be required in harsh environments or breeding cold-water species.

Automatic management system

Automatically supply cold/hot water by detecting the change of season.

It operates based on the set target water temperature and sensitivity.

In case of setting target temperature 26℃ and sensitivity 0.1℃

「Above 26.1℃ = Cooling / Below 25.9℃ = Heating」


is all in one.





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Savings on electricity bills.

It is managed night/day all year round.

Even if it is assumed to operate 24 hours a day, the monthly power consumption is less than 50 kW.

Power consumption is only 70Wh.

*73W (power consumption) X 24 hours X 30 days = 52.5kW

[Electricity rates are set differently depending on the region.]

*120ℓ [60x45x45cm] comparison graph


※This is the result of testing with only a sponge filter installed in a 120ℓ water tank.

Cooling : Maintains the water temperature about 4℃ lower than the unequipped water tank.

Heating : Maintains the water temperature about 7℃ higher than than the unequipped water tank.

Adding a heating element such as a light/return motor/flow motor will also change the results, heat loss (increased surface area) will be higher when using a lower sump or external filter.

In case of high heat loss, additional installation of the product may be required to reach the target water temperature.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Register the product to the wireless router.

Real-time water temperature check

Current water temperature and device operation status can be checked

Target water temperature and sensitivity Settings

Precise control with sensitivity of 0.1℃

Noise (performance) control

Silent/Standard/Turbo step 3 optional available

Real-time monitoring of device status

Stop operation when product abnormality detected and send push notification 

Specify Night mode

It works with custom LED brightness and performance when the specified time is reached.

Provides weather information of the product installation area.

Temperature/humidity/probability of rain/weather forecast, etc.

Temperature sensor calibration function

Equipped with NTC temperature sensor with 0.5% tolerance



No more stressing over the water temperature.

Remote control is possible by installing a dedicated application.


local temperature 

installation area 

target water temperature 

device name 

 ● installation location

 current temperature

 performance display

operation Status 

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Download the dedicated application

​Real-time remote control and monitoring anytime, anywhere

Install the ElecQUA application

on your smartphone

run the application

Follow the instructions to register product

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The temperature sensor can be easily calibrated.

All sensors have a tolerance. (standard deviation)

Is there a difference from the thermometer at home?

If there are 10 thermometers, all 10 will be different.

It's strange that every thermometer is different, isn't it?

Calibration is easy.

Enter the temperature of the thermometer you are using!


calibration menu  

That's it.

Easy to clean.

Save your time.

Disconnect the controller

Remove floating matter from the heat exchanger using a soft toothbrush or similar.


is very simple.

Aquarium Temperature Clean seize
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High performance

Powerful and quiet.

High power custom thermoelectric element are precisely controlled to deliver powerful energy.

Have you tried a thermoelectric cooler and had an unsatisfactory experience?

Experience the difference.


is excellent.

It can be adjusted in 3 steps in conjunction with a high-power customized thermoelectric element dual ball bearing brushless DC motor.

Aquarium Temperature noise seize
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seize[siːz] is a safety device.

We put safety first.


01 BLDC motor malfunction detection function

02 Temperature sensor malfunction detection function

03 Main body with 4-layer waterproof structure
04 Unique heat exchanger anti-oxidation technology

05 PCB designed to handle high current of 10A or more
06 Equipped with a high-safety ceramic fuse.
07 Certification number (RR-EQA-seize-EQ103W)

08 Low-heat 12V adapter.(KC, CE, UL, CCC, GS)

chiller heater safety seize

is secure.

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Real-time monitoring

Monitoring and informs you of product abnormal operation.

When an anomaly is detected, the task is stopped and an application push notification is delivered.


is smart.


Sensor error detection

FAN error detection

● PCB overheat detection

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Can be used for a long time.

Easy to replace water temperature sensor

Excluding consumables, it can be used semi-permanently.

(The temperature sensor, FAN, and adapter are consumables.)

Free warranty period is one year, after which a paid warranty is required.


is sturdy.

chiller heater strong seize

Convenience features.

Calculate how many liters of water are in the fish tank.

Check the gauges on the front.

You can easily calculate how many liters it is.

The calculation is simple! (L x W x H ÷ 1,000)


is meticulous.

chiller heater careful seize

● water level gauge

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Direct exchange VS circular exchange


Cooler and heater function in one.


No heat loss during transport.


No separate auxiliary materials are required.


IoT function (user centered control)


Cleanable heat exchanger



Salt water corrosion-free heat exchanger


Easy installation and cleaning process


Deposit removal is easy.


Cooler and heater sold separately.


Heat loss occurs during transportation.


A separate accessory is required.


Convenience features are non-existent


Non-cleanable heat exchanger


Corrosion of heat exchanger by salt water


Complex installation and cleaning process


Deposits are difficult to remove.

Component list

➊ Main body

➋ Controller

➌ Temperature sensor (2EA)

➍ 12V DC adapter

➎ AC cable

➏ User Manual

​Thank you for your purchase.
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Name of each part

sensor inlet
DC power input
 Aquarium Temperature Control seize
on / off
heat exchanger
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Product information

product specifications


Product  Name : Smart IoT Thermostat [seize(siːz)]
Model  Name : seize-EQ103W

country of manufacture : Korea

size : 89x219x129mm

weight : 830g

Material : ABS and PCABS

frequency : 2.4GHz

Communication method : Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n)

Rated voltage : 100-240V~50/60Hz 2.5A
Rated output : 12.0V ⎓ 7.0A ; 84.0W

Cooling method : Peltier cooling

Certification number : RR-EQA-seize-EQ103W

Manufacturer : ElecQUA Co., Ltd.

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How to use it correctly

Be sure to read before installing the product.

01  It can be installed on glass thickness less than 10mm.
02  A free space of 11cm or more is required to install the product.
03  Install in a well-ventilated place
04  Adjust the heat exchanger so that it is submerged in water.
05  When cleaning, be sure to turn off the power and use a soft brush.

06  Abrasives can strip heat exchanger coatings.

07  There is a risk of burns if you touch the heat exchanger with your hands.

08  Install out of reach of children.

09  Be careful not to let water enter the device.

10  If the product falls into water, stop using it and contact the us.

11  Do not use this product for purposes other than aquariums.

12  Do not use adapters other than those provided.

13  Do not shock or disassemble.

14  Do not remove the sticker on the back of the product (product information).

15  Malfunctions may occur if the product is used in an unusual way.

16  Install in a place with a strong Wi-Fi signal.

17  This product only works on Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz.

18  This product operates as a radio device and may cause radio interference.

19  Clean the water temperature sensor and heat exchanger regularly.

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「Warranty Information」

In case of malfunction due to user negligence or negligence, a cost will be incurred, so please read the above precautions carefully.

This product is produced through thorough quality control and inspection.

Warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase.

If the date of purchase cannot be confirmed , the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture, so be sure to keep the receipt.

When requesting a warranty, be sure to present the warranty card and receipt.

Warranty inquiry : 82-31-914-8684 (

「Refund and Quality Assurance Policy」

· Returns due to simple change of mind are possible within 7 days from the date of purchase if the product and packaging are not damaged and can be resold. (Round-trip shipping costs are borne by the consumer)

· Warranty period for this product is one year. (BLDC motor 2 years warranty)


· In case of failure due to manufacturing method or defective parts, you can receive a free warranty after checking with our engineer.

「Information on Subjects of Paid Warranty」

· If this product is damaged by impact.

· If the coating is peeled off using a towel containing abrasives, etc.

· If the controller is submerged in water.

· If the product has been used in an unusual way.

「Information on Excluded Warranty」

· If the product is disassembled arbitrarily.

· When the seal on the back of the product (product information) is removed.

· When an adapter other than the one provided is used.

・ When used for purposes other than aquariums.


"Temperature management"

don't worry anymore

IoT Constant Temperature Device

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