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Elecqua Co., Ltd. Sales and Quality Assurance Policy


These terms and conditions govern electronic devices sold by Elecqua Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') on the homepage ( or other sales channels (hereinafter referred to as 'shopping mall') by ElecQUA members and general consumers (hereinafter referred to as 'Customers'). and other products (hereinafter referred to as 'Products'), this is the applicable sales and refund policy.
In addition, it stipulates rights and obligations related to product purchase, including important matters and exceptions such as warranty for products sold in the shopping mall. The act of purchasing products from the shopping mall (hereinafter referred to as 'order') is accompanied by the customer's consent, and since this part applies to all orders, you must check these terms and conditions.

Article 1 [Customer Consultation]
Customers who need help with the company's sales activities, such as product ordering and delivery, can receive consultation services by choosing one of the methods listed below.
① Kakao Plus Friend Counseling Center (Search Elecqua or ElecQUA in Kakao Talk)
② E-mail (
③ Customer Center (02-304-2293)

Article 2 [Operating Hours]
The company handles consultations received from customers from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday) in Korean standard time. If you request a consultation on a holiday or outside business hours, it will be processed on the next business day.

Article 3 [Receipt and Processing of Orders]
① If important information is not entered or entered differently due to the customer's negligence during the order acceptance process, the company is not responsible for any loss that may occur during the delivery process.
② Orders received are processed on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and orders received by 15:00 on weekdays are shipped on the same day in principle.
③ Orders received on weekends (Friday-Sunday) or holidays will be shipped sequentially from the following Monday.


Article 4 [Change of Order]
① If you want to change an order, you must cancel the received order and then submit it again.
② However, changes to the order may be restricted after delivery of the order begins.


Article 5 [Cancellation of Order]
① If a customer wants to cancel an order, he/she can cancel the order directly by using the functions within the shopping mall.
② If an order is canceled, a refund will be processed to the payment method used at the time of ordering.
③ If the order you want to cancel has already started shipping, you must contact the customer center to process the return after receiving the product.


Article 6 [Delivery method]
① For products sold through the shopping mall, packaging and delivery are entrusted to the company's designated courier and logistics agency. However, due to the circumstances of the courier company or the company, other courier companies may be entrusted with ordering and delivery.
② The average delivery period takes 3 to 7 business days from the payment date, and it may be delayed depending on the stock situation.
③ In the case of islands and mountainous areas, it may take 1 to 2 days longer than the average delivery date.
④ However, if the product is purchased through a sales channel other than the shopping mall and other methods provided by the company, the delivery method of these Terms and Conditions does not apply.


Article 7 [Delivery Tracking]
① You can inquire the delivery status through the delivery inquiry function provided by the shopping mall after the delivery preparation for the received order is completed and the courier company begins receiving the delivery.
② Delivery-related problems or special issues can be inquired through the consultation service in Article 1.


Article 8 [Shipping Fee]
① Products sold by the company provide free shipping by default.
② However, for some products, the free service provided in Paragraph 1 may be restricted, which can be checked on the product sales screen of the shopping mall.


Article 9 [International Delivery]
① The shopping mall provided by the company does not provide international delivery service.
② However, it may change later depending on the circumstances of the company, and it will be notified through the homepage when international shipping is carried out.


Article 10 [Scope of Warranty]
The company provides a quality guarantee for newly sold products for one year to ensure that the sold products function normally.
The product warranty period is calculated based on the date of purchase, and confirmation of the date of purchase is based on the receipt. However, if the receipt is lost, the warranty period is calculated from the date 3 months have elapsed from the date of manufacture (certificate of serial number inspection).

① The company warrants the sold product against defects in parts and technical defects for one year from the date of initial retail purchase.
② Normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident or misuse is not covered under warranty.
③ During the warranty period, free A/S service is provided for parts and technical defects that occur during normal use of the product, and paid A/S service is provided for problems that occur after the warranty period expires.
④ However, even if the warranty period remains, free A/S service is not available for defects caused by customer's careless handling or arbitrary use.
⑤ If a repairer other than our engineer disassembles or disassembles the product arbitrarily, you cannot receive any A/S service.


Article 11 [Criteria for Provision of Repair, Exchange and Refund Service]
① Repair service
- In the event that parts and technical defects of the product are found
- In case the product is dropped or damaged due to impact
- In case of failure due to wrong application of voltage
- In case of product failure due to user's negligence
- In case of exterior damage or deformation due to organic solvents such as thinner or benzene
- In case of replacing consumable parts that wear out normally during use
- In case of failure due to external factors other than product defects
- In the event of a malfunction due to the use of non-genuine parts or consumables
- In case of failure due to natural disasters (fire, lightning, gas, earthquake, etc.)

② Exchange service
- In the event of a breakdown requiring repair within 7 days of purchase
- If the same phenomenon occurs more than 3 times after receiving the repair service
- If a total of 3 repairs are made due to malfunctions in various parts, but additional malfunctions occur
- If repair is not possible
- In case the business operator loses the product requested by the consumer for repair

③ Refund processing

- In case the product cannot be exchanged
- If the failure occurs more than 5 times for the same cause


Article 12 [How to Provide Exchange, Return and Refund Service]
① You can cancel your order or return it within 7 days of purchasing the product.
② If product exchange, return or A/S service is required, it can be received through the consultation center in Article 1.
③ Depending on the condition of the product and the period of use, A/S service is provided based on the standards specified in Article 11 of these Terms and Conditions.
④ If the condition of the product does not require exchange or refund, we provide repair service for the defective part, and the repair cost will be borne by the company or the customer depending on the warranty period and the responsibility.


Article 13 [Restrictions on exchange and refund services]
① Product failure due to consumer's intentional damage or excessive use (non-compliance with usage instructions, etc.) is excluded from free A/S service. 
② If the product is opened or disassembled without permission, A/S service is not available.
③ In the case of a refund request due to customer change of mind, the return courier cost must be paid in advance at the customer's expense, and the cost of the free shipping service provided at the time of purchase is added.
④ If the value of the product is reduced due to loss, damage, or traces of use of the package box and components, and resale is impossible, there may be restrictions on refunds.
⑤ Products sold by the company are products that require Wi-Fi wireless communication. Therefore, in the case of an operation error caused by an unstable wireless communication environment at the place where the customer uses the product, rather than a defect in the product itself, it is not applicable as a reason for refund, such as a defect, defect, or breakdown of the device.
⑥ Exchanges or refunds due to simple change of heart are not allowed if the contents of product performance and service are the same as the contents of display, advertisement and contract, and there is no defect. 

⑦ Others, such as the 'Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.', and other related laws and regulations apply.


Article 14 (Criteria for bearing shipping costs for exchange and refund services)
① In the case of exchange or refund due to reasons not attributable to the company, such as customer change of mind, the customer must bear the round-trip shipping cost.
② Free after-sales service during the warranty period and shipping costs are borne by the company.
③ After the warranty period has expired or in the case of paid A/S service due to negligence during use or due to the user's fault, the customer will be charged for shipping.


Article 15 (Related Laws)
Exchange, refund, and after-sales service related policies in these Terms and Conditions are governed by the relevant laws and regulations, and matters not specified in the relevant laws and regulations refer to these Terms and Conditions, and matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions follow general business practices.

These terms and conditions are effective from April 01, 2021

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