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  • Why is "water temperature management" necessary?"
    One of the most important things in raising tropical ornamental fish is to create as similar an environment as possible. Please refer to Here for details.< /p>
  • "Can I use the product in an area without Internet access?"
    The water temperature can be managed based on the initial set value (desired water temperature: 26℃ / sensitivity: 0.2℃), so the purpose of basic water temperature management can be achieved, but detailed adjustments of the product (desired water temperature, sensitivity, night mode, Water temperature sensor calibration, etc.) and real-time water temperature check/device abnormal notification functions are not available. Also, since all thermometers have errors (measurement errors), they may differ from the thermometer in use.
  • Can it be used for "120 liter fish tank"?"
    When installed in a 120 liter (2-character wide) fish tank, “SIZE” can cool more than 4 degrees and heat more than 7 degrees. (compared to non-installed fish tanks) A larger amount of energy may be required due to heating elements such as lights, filters (sumps), and water pumps. In such cases, it is recommended to install and operate the product additionally. ※Things to check before purchasing 1. Is the glass less than 10mm thick? 2. Have you secured an installation space of 11cm or more around the fish tank? 3. Is the entire front heat exchanger a submersible fish tank? 4. Is it a fish tank with some current?
  • "Register product" failed."
    Please check the checklist below. Registration may not be possible if the Internet (Wi-Fi) signal of the installation site is weak. Check if the Wi-Fi frequency band of your wireless router is 2.4GHz. If the Wi-Fi name (SSID) contains special characters, it cannot be registered. You cannot register to a wireless router without a password. Reconnect the adapter and try again.
  • I forgot to change the water and left it "connected to the power supply for about 1 minute."
    The "sheath" prevents excessive temperature rise in the heat exchanger and operates at a maximum temperature of less than 100°C, so it is not as easily damaged as conventional resistance heaters. However, if you leave it in a heated state for a long time, various problems may occur, so special attention is required. ※In the case of cooling, there is no problem even if the heat exchanger is not submerged in water.
  • "I replaced the router" what should I do?"
    If you replace the router, you must delete the existing product registered in the application and connect it again. After deleting the device from the application, touch + in the upper right corner to register the device.
  • The "adapter power cable" does not fit well! How do I connect?"
    When connecting for the first time, turn it slightly and push it all the way in as shown in the picture on the left below. ※ For safety, the power connector is designed to fit perfectly.
  • I want to install the product in a "different location"."
    Moving within the router's signal range is possible without any special action. However, when moving to another location, the device must be initialized and re-registered to be able to control the device with the “Electricua” application. If you change the name (SSID) and password of the router, you must reset the device and register again.
  • The temperature is different from the "old thermometer" you are using."
    All thermometers have errors (measurement errors). If the displayed temperature is different from the thermometer you have, you can use it conveniently by calibrating the temperature in the temperature calibration menu of the application.
  • The "LED" color keeps changing. Why is this happening?"
    The LED color changes according to the operation of the device. Normal operation: red (heating) / cyan (stable) / blue (cooling) Abnormal operation: Purple (PCB overheat) / Orange (FAN error) / Green (Water temperature sensor error)
  • How do I "reset the product"?"
    1. Touch the power switch of the product for 5 seconds. 2. When the white LED blinks slowly, touch the power switch again for 5 seconds. 3. The white LED flashes rapidly. 4. Initialization is completed automatically after rebooting.
  • Device abnormal  or power outage said to send a "notification", but no notification."
    Make sure sending application notifications is "disabled".
  • My product doesn't "work", what do I do?"
    Entry into Protected Mode" may stop the operation. Check the application's notification center or LED color to confirm the problem.
  • "FAN" has stopped!"
    If the LED color is "turquoise", it will stop working because the desired water temperature has been reached. If the LED color is "red" or "blue" and the fan is stopped, disconnect the power immediately and contact the A/S center. Siege"'s "Dual Ball Bearing Brushless DC Motor" is available for free after-sales service for 2 years. The free A/S period for other parts is one year from the date of purchase. Free A/S is available for defects in quality, performance, and functionality that occur during normal use within the warranty period. However, damages caused by intention or negligence of the consumer may incur additional repair costs. (A/S is not possible if the product is disassembled or modified.) If the date of purchase cannot be confirmed, the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture, so please keep the receipt. (※ When requesting A/S, be sure to present the receipt.)
  • Can it be used for "saltwater fish" tanks?"
    The heat exchanger of "Sheez" is manufactured with "Elekqua"'s unique anti-oxidation technology, so it has high thermal conductivity and is safe because it is developed to prevent corrosion even in salt water.
  • It's a product that uses part of the device submerged in water. Is it "waterproof" well?"
    The main body of "Siege" is designed with a special 4-layer waterproof structure, so there is no problem at all. The inside of the product is coated and waterproof, so it is safe, but for continued use, be careful not to allow water to enter the inside of the device. ※The top controller is not completely waterproof. Please be careful of flooding. (If the controller is submerged, cut off the power immediately and contact the A/S center.)






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